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Low Impact Forestry

Low Impact Forestry


All aspects of tree planting undertaken for timber, amenity or conservation purposes; including recommendations on planting design, site preparation, suitability of species, use of cell grown or bare rooted trees, types and use of Rabbit and Deer protection, organic planting techniques.

Vegetation Management

Organic or inorganic weed control, scrub control using brushcutters, pedestrian flail or Alpine tractor and flail, ride management, formative pruning/brashing.

Natural Regeneration

I can assess and manage areas within an existing woodland or adjacent land to create the conditions suitable for natural regeneration, which ensures genetically important local provenance.


A method of woodland management dating back to the Neolithic period, consisting of the felling and subsequent regrowth of areas of the woodland on rotation. This manages a woodland with great interest and diversity.

Ride and Glade Management

Open areas within woodlands provide rich biodiversity usually managed on an annual basis.


An essential part of woodland management for either timber, amenity or conservation. This is necessary on both planted and regenerated sites.


With a 4 ton winch on the alpine tractor, ideal for first thinnings or tight access, being only 1.5m wide and minimal compaction.

I have a variety of equipment useful for this including two compact alpine tractors, with skidding winch, portable petrol skidding winch, 3.5 ton forwarding trailer with crane, log grapple for individual large pieces of timber/ whole tree extraction, side arm flail/fingerbar cutter for keeping rides open for access, amenity and conservation.

I can also provide a tractor mounted saw bench, mobile log splitter, a mobile chainsaw planking service from 6” to 48”, 6” towable woodchipper, power barrow and access equipment.

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